V-GEL® Training

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The presentation is an overview of the V-GEL® Advanced Cat and V-GEL® Advanced Rabbit supraglottic airway devices and airway management in general.

Due to the pandemic, these talks are now being presented remotely.

This talk can count towards CPD. Certificates are available upon request.

During the talks, we cover the following areas:

  • Overview of airway management and what you are hoping to achieve.
  • The different devices that are currently available for airway management and their pros and cons.
  • What is a V-GEL®? Description in full of what the features are of the V-GEL® and how this benefits the patient.
  • Choosing the correct sized device for your patient.
  • Preparation of your rabbit and cat prior to induction.
  • Induction of your rabbit and cat.
  • Placement of the V-GEL®.
  • Confirmation of the placement.
  • Monitoring your patient whilst using a V-GEL®.
  • Recovery of your patient with the use of a V-GEL®.
  • Use of the V-GEL® without the aid of capnography.
  • The incidence of Blue tongue in rabbits.
  • The incidence of laryngospasm in cats and rabbits.
  • What procedures can and cannot be carried out with the use of a V-GEL®.
  • Single-use aspect.

The talks are free of charge and are approximately an hour long. You will also have the opportunity for questions and answers, both during and after the presentation.

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